Facts about the AR-15

Do you own an AR-15? If so, you will need the 9mm ar magazine to accompany your fine piece of artillery. Here we are going to talk more about this very popular assault rifle and give you important facts and details important to know if you own the rifle or plan to soon obtain your own.

The rifle is lightweight and is a semi-automatic, 5.56 mm, magazine fed rifle. It features a rotatable locking belt with your choice of long or short stroke operation in the pistons. Aluminum alloy and synthetic materials compose this rifle.’

The first AR-15 rifle was built by a company known as ArmaLite. It was made for use by the U.S. Armed Forces. The company endured financial problems, forcing the sale of the rifle to Colt. This occurred in 1963, which is also the first time the rifle became available for sell to the public.

The AR-15 is the same as the original however, there are several variations of the rifle now that it is owned by Colt. There are also other manufactures who create rifles similar in both style and name, but only Colt has the original AR-15.

Robert Fremont, Eugene Stoner, and L. James Sullivan created the rifle we now know as the AR-15. These men were a part of the ArmaLite corporation. Despite the sale of the company, it is still these two men we can thank for this rifle.

Why is the AR-15 a gun that is preferred by so many? There are many things that made this the rifle of choice for many people then, just as they are today. What has you so intrigued? Is it the power? The performance? Its style? There are many reasons why the rifle is one that is beloved by so many. Why not purchase your own and learn for yourself?